My goodness, my gosh. I honestly cannot believe we are still here. It’s been over a year and, yes, we are still making The Resonance. I wish we could make these come out sooner but so much has been happening in this past year. I have moved states. People got new jobs. With all the changes and such, life keeps flowing and The Resonance gets put on hold indefinitely.


Until we pick it back up.


That is the special thing about this project. It endures even when perhaps no one is listening due to our infrequent posting and lack of marketing. The boys and I keep creating and fine-tuning. And because it has lasted so long, The Resonance has become this lovely time capsule containing all of the amazing people we’ve come across on our journeys. Skyler, Richy, and I get to listen to all of our talented and amazing friends do wacky voices and give life to these characters.

Having moved from California back to Georgia, I find that it always brings a smile to my face to hear the voices of friends I don’t get to see anymore.

So with great love and a healthy hello, The Resonance crew sends you our best. We’re still here! Take a listen to these wonderful people and the magical aural machinations of Skyler Lloyd. Bruce has arrived.


The Resonance Crew



Rabbit Rabbit!

The time has come for another episode of The Resonance! Our journey continues into the multiverse with the return of Jessica Boyd. Some time has passed since we last heard her stumble her way through time and space to New York City circa 1927. She has grown up and started her very own podcast (METAAAAAAAA) in order to solve mysterious happenings. This is our sixth episode and we are extremely proud to present it to you in its final form. Enjoy!

With love,

The Resonance Crew


Good morrow!

Nice to see you again. It’s been awhile. Well, we have a whopper of an episode for you! Episode IV of The Resonance is finally finished and ready for your listening pleasure. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Your homies,

The Resonance Crew


Salutations, listeners!

Hope the year started out nice and strong for all of you sneaky monkeys. It’s been a slow start for The Resonance but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped. Episode IV is on its way and believe it or not, we’ve been getting some Kickstarter rewards ready for all of those sweet, sweet backers waiting at home. Don’t you worry! They’re on their way. Stay tuned!

The Resonance Crew


Whoa. Is it already the end of 2015? Where does the time go? Amiright? Hey all, it’s been a long time since we posted anything on our NEWS page so here’s the skinny. EPISODE II is up and running. It’s waiting for everyone and anyone to listen to its tale of woe and horror. EPISODE III is currently being finished up so you can expect to see that in your podcast feed pretty darn soon. Definitely before the year is over. Our friends over at Demiurge Sound have been hard at work and it’s been a blast collaborating with them on the soundscapes for these episodes. Check them out at They’re some certified sound geniuses. That’s all the news for now! Stay tuned for the next episode!


The Resonance Team



The Resonance Podcast is successfully funded on Kickstarter! To all of our backers, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. The gratitude we feel is making our hearts really deepen so the bottom of our hearts have gone to Marianas Trench depth. Keep a look out for a surprise tomorrow and be ready for all of those yummy rewards you’re going to get! Oh man. You guys are gonna love it.


The Resonance Team


Good Sunday to you folks!

A special announcement for today: we now have an “Extras” page for your viewing/listening delights. Everything from background conversations to stills from our recording days! Our Kickstarter is also doing very well but it needs some tender love and care still. Check out our rewards and get back to us that. Paul Stanko is single and will take you on that date. We promise.

Don’t stop believing,

The Resonance Team


3…2…1….Launch. Pssssshoooooo!

That’s the sound of our Kickstarter entering the stratosphere and bouncing off all of the satellites to make its way to you. Oh man, we have 6,500 big ones to raise by the end of October. If you’re into goofy improv or doodles then this is the Kickstarter for you! Our rewards are fun and our end product is even better. Keep us afloat and see to it that we make our goal.

Peace be with you,

Alex Ho and The Resonance Team


It’s here! We made it. You can listen to Episode I: 1927 right here on the website or you can experience its full blown glory in surround sound while driving in your sleek Prius. That Prius is gonna quiver with the Episode playing inside it. And guess what. The episode is about twenty minutes long. Oh yeah, you heard me. Twenty minutes of ACTING and SOUNDSCAPES! That’s a whole car ride. So plug in and let go of whatever is holding you back today. Just take a jump.

Please enjoy,

Alex Ho and The Resonance Team


Wow. I think this is the first time we have ever put up two news updates within 48 hours of one another. Look at us being all responsible.

We are proud to announce that we will be releasing our first full-length episode next Tuesday, September 22nd. That’s right. We will actually have something for you to listen to and it is completely different from the Test Episode. It’s pretty serious. Don’t be expecting those goofy boys and their haphazard adventuring. Oh no. No. No. No. Get ready for the darker side of The Resonance. September 22. See you there. #1927

And in a double-whammy move, we are excited to announce that we are going to launch our Kickstarter Campaign on September 29th. The funds raised will go towards the completion of our season.

Thanks so much!

The Resonance Team


Happy Saturday folks,

Have we been working hard or hardly working? My vote is on the former but others might say differently. You’ll get to be the judge of that because very soon we will be releasing our first full-length episode!!!!!! Yes, we needed six exclamation points because we are that excited for you to hear what Chef Skyler has been cooking in that sound mixing crockpot of his. You’ll gasp, you’ll giggle, and maybe you’ll even be a little uncomfortable. So stay tuned and keep a look out for our release date because it is just around the corner.

Never give up, never surrender.

The Resonance Team


Hey everybody!

We have been out of touch for the past two months because things have been pretty hectic. We have finished recording primary dialogue and editing most of the dialogue for the first season of The Resonance! Holy cow! That’s right, you have a whole THIRTEEN episode radio series on its way! For free! Our release is still very tentative but we are making steady progress on our first episode. Along with our first episode, we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign for post-production funds. So keep an eye and ear out!

Winks and tickles,

The Resonance Team


Greetings, fellow travelers!

Please forgive the delay in communications this past month. Our sojourns into the multiverse have been many, and the team has been putting forth tremendous effort to generate the content we have been promising. As one might imagine, there is a slight learning curve to the self-production of a sci-fi podcast. However, the delays we have experienced have not dampened our spirits, but rather spurred us on to create a complete and coherent sound environment for our stories. Stay tuned for further updates, and watch for the pending release of our first full-length installment, 1927!

Much love,

The Resonance Team


May the Fourth be with you. Always.

Hey all you Jedi Knights and Sith Lords! Just a quick update on our progress. As of right now, we are trying to launch our Kickstarter and our first episode, 1927, May 11th. Oh yeah. That’s right. Only a week till we start showing you what we are all about. There’s still a lot of work to do but after a quick hiatus, we are back on track to recording the remainder of our season. So if you happen to have a few extra dollars to throw our way, we’d greatly appreciate it and make sure also to consider our biggest reward of making an episode you write part of The Resonance Podcast! Stay strong and let the wookiee win.


Alex Ho and the Resonance Team


The Resonance is chugging along friends. We’re still writing, editing, and recording. As of right now, we have 13 episodes written for our first season! And keep an eye and ear out for the release of our first full-length episode 1927 and the launching of our Kickstarter. That is right. We’re twenty-somethings with no connections and no money so we will be looking to you, the public, for support. It’s all on the way.


The Resonance Team


Hey! So, The Resonance is cancelled because we have the same name as a radio station in the UK. They sent us a cease-and-desist. Kind of like what happened to Scarlett Johansson’s pop band, “The Singles.”

April Fools.

No, that hasn’t happened yet but it might happen soon. Either way, our test episode is finally live! It’s really only the tip of the iceberg, guys. What we have in store for you will hopefully blow your minds. For now, enjoy this quick romp through the multiverse. Also, Paul wants me to tell you to listen to it in your car. Rabbit rabbit and have an incredible day.

Alex Ho and The Resonance Team


Welcome to the Resonance Podcast! Our first post will be a test episode we recorded back in 2014. Before we had our Build-It-Your-Self Recording Booth, it was just Paul Stanko, Kelly Hagen, Cole Cuomo, and me saying these silly lines I had written up in an hour or so with Skyler Lloyd recording everything. The test was our first foray into the exciting world of Resonance and we had a blast jumping into it. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Our next episode, 1927, which is also our first full length episode, will be released soon. We are releasing as we go so this is a process we are figuring out and perfecting on the fly. You will be receiving stories every month or so. So give us a listen and make sure to subscribe to our channel on iTunes. As we say here at Resonance, Res on.

Alex Ho