About The Resonance

The Resonance is an original audio adventure series presented in podcast form. Set in the infinite Multiverse, the series jumps from universe to universe with different characters and challenges, each one stranger than the last. Each world has its own distinct place in time and space, but one phenomenon can join them all – the Resonance.

The Resonance is a profound echo that generates wormholes leading across the many parallel universes. To most, these portals are baffling occurrences, but there are certain entities traversing the multiverse freely, working to unknown ends. Through the miscellaneous adventures of our ever-changing cast of characters, the broader conflict of these mysterious beings is revealed to the listener. What connects these beings to our mundane world? What could drive them across the vast, unimaginable frontier of the multiverse? Tune in to find out, and follow the vibrations of the Resonance.

As a listener, you are the final piece of this story. The audio play format gives the listener’s imagination a playground to construct the stories that we would otherwise not have the means to tell.  We simply provide the audio cues to prompt the idea of a world, leaving the sets, the costumes and the action up to the listener. At its core, The Resonance is an exercise in imagination and good old fashioned fun. So plug it in while in the car, on a train, or in the park, because all you have to do is listen.