About Us

Alex Ho

Creator, Writer, Director, Actor, Producer

Originating from Atlanta, GA, Alex went to USC for a degree in Acting and left in the middle of his junior year. He, however, stayed on the USC improv troupe, Commedus Interruptus, until what would have been his graduating year. Since then, he has acted in several projects such as the feature film Devil’s Night (2014), and two webseries, Dick Hopper: Private Eye and Force Push. Now he has focused his attention onto the creation of Resonance along with his college friends.

Skyler Lloyd

Sound Designer, Producer

All the way from Ardsley, New York, Skyler Lloyd is currently studying Music Industry at USC. When he’s not at his desk editing or recording, he is a recording engineer at KXSC, USC’s College radio station. You might have seen their robot. He was also audio director at Trojan Events and Services. Oh wait. He also has a band! It’s called Tundrastomper. You can check them out in all of their righteous glory here: http://tundrastomper.bandcamp.com/

Demiurge Sound

Sound Designers, Composers

Demiurge Sound is an L.A. based audio creative company started by Tristan McVeigh and Cale Bouchey. The company focuses on composing film scores, creating film sound designs, and producing music with local artists. Their studio provides a collection of sound equipment for both recording and editing. It’s a much more professional set up compared to the PVC-pipe-moving-blanket sound booth we made in Skyler’s room so yeah, these guys rock, both technically and musically. Check out their website at http://www.demiurgesound.com.


Paul Stanko

Director, Actor, Producer

Paul Stanko comes to us from the land of Ft. Collins, Colorado. He attended USC for a degree in Theatre and has worked on a multitude of projects during his time in Los Angeles. He most recently starred in the independent film Superior and the fan-fiction short film, Severus Snape and the Marauders. He is a member of the Hip-Hop Choir and is currently working on making new raps. He produced and acted in the webseries, Dick Hopper: Private Eye. You can find more Paul Stanko at http://www.stankoforever.com/


Kelly Hagen

Managing Director, Actor, Director

From the plains of Omaha, Nebraska, Kelly Hagen lends her organizational expertise to our team. After graduating from USC with a degree in Theatre, Kelly has done various administrative work for the Los Angeles Music Center. She also provides the voices for Celia Princip in our Test Episode and Jan in Episode Three of Resonance so make sure to keep an ear out for this little dynamo.

Richy Storrs

Actor, Composer, Monster

Richy Storrs is a featured actor in The Resonance and also provides the score for a majority of the episodes. As is stated above, he is a monster. You’ve never met a man quite like this one. You can hear him screaming as Chilly in Episode One and as the Howl in Episode Two. Very different screams but the core is still there. It’s very Richy.