Episode IV: Under The Bed

In Universe 25876-B14, Molly Caldwell lives a life of dissatisfaction alongside a monster from her childhood that feeds into her anxieties. It is up to her to either fight back against this monster or accept it for what it is.  

VOICE CAST (In order of appearance)

Paul Stanko – Brian

Allie Jennings – Molly Caldwell

Richy Storrs – Bebu

Adam Forrest – Jeff

Alex Ho – Barista, Waiter

Emma Lawrence – Kathy

Skyler Lloyd – David

Kelly Hagen – Mommy

DIRECTORS – Alex Ho and Paul Stanko

WRITER – Alex Ho

PRODUCERS – Paul Stanko, Kelly Hagen, Skyler Lloyd, and Alex Ho

SOUND DESIGN – Demiurge Sound and Skyler Lloyd

SCORE – Richy Storrs and Skyler Lloyd



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