Episode V: Into The Strange

In Universe 25869-H5, Jessica Boyd has created her own podcast in order to report her findings related to mysterious happenings that have been taking place. 

VOICE CAST (in order of appearance)

Tyler Miclean – Jeb Corrigan, Andrew Wright

Kelly Hagen – Monisha Pavarti

Tommy Fleming – Dr. Herb Fenway

Emily Rowan – Jessica Boyd

Alex Ho – David Bowen, Stranger

Grace Hinson – Cece Brook

Sarah Schodrof – Alyssa Straus, Caroline Ramsay

Reed Alvarado – Christian Vogel

Joey Millin – Don Libby

Paul Stanko – Girardo Cassel, Dee Boggs

Clay Boonthanakit – Mogi

DIRECTORS – Alex Ho and Paul Stanko

WRITER – Alex Ho

PRODUCERS – Paul Stanko, Kelly Hagen, Skyler Lloyd, and Alex Ho

SOUND DESIGN – Skyler Lloyd

SCORE – Richy Storrs and Skyler Lloyd



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