Episode VI: La Puerta

In Universe 790-D80, Tom Freeman, an ex-Rough Rider, helps a smuggler rescue his kidnapped wife from a gang of bandits while beings of greater power put their plans into motion and disturbances to the multiverse begin to multiply.

VOICE CAST (in order of appearance)

Simon Cross – Father Cloudrunner, Sheriff

Sam Sonenshine – Gilga

Paul Stanko – Wind Wolf, Astaroth

Richy Storrs – Alvaro, Lee, The Howl, Z

AJ Helfet – Tom Freeman

Cole Cuomo, Frank Gullihur, Riley Smith – The Gang

Alex Ho – Grant Dupree, Honeyman, Stranger

Kelly Hagen – Renata

Emily Goss – Ishtar

DIRECTORS – Alex Ho and Paul Stanko

WRITER – Alex Ho

PRODUCERS – Paul Stanko, Kelly Hagen, Skyler Lloyd, Tristan McVeigh, and Alex Ho

SOUND DESIGN – Skyler Lloyd and Tristan McVeigh

SCORE – Richy Storrs



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